Men’s Issues

Mens IssuesThere seems to be a theme in our society that men ‘have it good in the world’. It’s often said they earn more, they get promotions at work, and generally have an easier lot in life.

While all this may be true, the other side of this is men are under-represented in more subtle values, stuff that isn’t so obvious. The result is they often miss out on some of the less tangible things, the stuff that can’t be seen – so while men often ‘look good’, ‘confident’ or ‘successful’ on the outside they may be feeling unsupported, lonely, isolated, frustrated, sad, angry…. the list is almost endless.

Unfortunately many men put on a brave face to the world and the world responds to that. What this means is, the other needs are unseen and never get addressed.

Exploring the unknown or the unseen isn’t easy at first. Many men I’ve worked with have told me it’s the hardest (and most rewarding) thing they have ever done.

So when nothing else works, it’s probably a good time to come and see me, and then we can have a look at what’s really going on.

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