People often tell me that they think counselling is “talk therapy” and as such they don’t see it as particularly valuable or helpful.  Working with me in counselling does involve talking, but it’s a lot more than that.

Every person who comes to counselling is different,  so one counselling style won’t fit everybody.  I will always tailor my approach and my responses to be most effective and beneficial.

My experience has been that each of us has some knowledge about the answers we seek in our lives, that knowledge is often hidden from view, and this can result in repeating patterns of behaviour that produce dis-satisfying experiences or results.

I help people to explore what is happening in their lives (both good and bad), what they’d like to be different and how to achieve changes. I’ll often explore what’s happening in the head (the thinking), what’s happening in the heart (the feelings) and in their conscious and unconscious processes.

So whatever I do and however I do it my goals are to help clients to:

  •  access and integrate new knowledge, perspectives,  insights and understandings
  •   experience relief from discomfort or distress
  •   move into better and more effective ways of responding in the world
  •   experience a generally more satisfying life

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